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Sunday, 20 August 2017

100 Years War Progress

I recently spent a pleasant afternoon painting my 100 Years War collection, radio play in the back ground, you know the sort of thing.

Most pleasing of all I’ve managed to get my hands on some Steve Shaw medieval Scots courtesy of eBay.  I’m a big fan of Steve’s work and his figures are not easy to come by these days.  

What I wanted in this case was a Scottish contingent for my French and that’s just what I got-plus a couple of excellent Highlands and Isles command figures.

Here they are, rather heavy in Douglas’s, (dubh gl├ís = blue black) and Otterburn oriented but they will do the trick nicely.  As you can see they are equipped with long spears to front up a Schiltron as a unit of seargents led by knights.

I’ve nearly finished the English archers too and some Donnington New Era foot knights including the Ear of Oxford.

The big painting challenge is going to be the mounted knights.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Folorn Hope

General Hope Grant feels his orders are too restrictive, denying him the ability to act on his own initiative.  He does not want to inflame the Pandies by being seen to withdraw from engaging them.  That said he will scrupulously obey orders and can take great satisfaction in the retribution his column will deal out to the natives.

His force consists of:

Hodgeson’s Horse, a Sikh formation perhaps more committed to loot than battle. 

A British Battalion, still musket armed.

A battalion of Punjab Sikh's likewise armed with musket.

At his own request, he is accompanied by a single battery of artillery.

The guns will slow him down but could be decisive should he meet serious opposition.  On the eve of departure orders arrive requiring him to attend on Sir Colin Campbell immediately.  Bereft of Hope,  General Rose entrusts the mission to Brigadier Wilson.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Rose’s Column

The great thing about wargame campaigns is that you can pick them up where you left off and let the story continue to unfold.  So after a lengthy break the Rani and her would be nemesis General Rose are up in arms once more.

General Rose has two units of cavalry one of Sikh’s and one of British regular lancers.

He is well provided for with two batteries of artillery.

His infantry consists of three battalions of British regulars and one of Sikhs and a Ghurkha battalion.  All of the British are armed with rifles giving them greater range than their opponents.

In his train are the engineers and pontoon boats essential to his mission and he is well supplied with rations for the journey.

Standing orders dictate the cavalry are to screen, probe and seek to detect any sizeable enemy presence along the route.  The column is to march each day before dawn to maximise speed. 

I bought and painted some new toys for the game which you will see as we proceed.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

That’s the Impi Done

Six units in all, three veterans, three fierce, three married, three unmarried.  Wedded men are veterans all, as those of us who abide within the institution know.  

It is possible to adjust the stats further if you fancy having an elite regiment for example. Strictly speaking the younger men could move faster than the older lads but I hesitate to tinker with the movement rules.  As it stands Zulus, in TMWWBK, can always move and that should nicely reflect their speed.

I’ll use them in the traditional fashion formed up to represent the horns, head and loins of a fighting bull.  The horns will seek to turn the enemy’s flanks, the head will fix the enemy and absorb the punishment and the loins will deliver the coup de grace.

Maximising the use of cover is going to be important with these lads.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jingals in The Men Who Would Be Kings

There are no stats for Jingals in The Men Who Would Be Kings.  Of course, if you have Boxer, or Imperials or Tai Ping troops you want Jingals.

Right then, what do we know about Jingals?  Basically, a Jingal was like a big shot gun with a two- man crew.  At short range, it could be very effective at long range it was nearly useless.  It was though very mobile, a Jingal and crew could easily keep up with infantry.  They were often used from cover or concealment.  You can see two of them, mounted on tripods, front and centre, below. Sometimes there was no tripod with one of the crew resting the weapon on his shoulder instead.

I’m rating mine as follows: Irregular crewed weapon, 2 crew three dice each, range ‘3 (for 15mm), speed ‘3. A Jingal crews only defence against close quarter assault was to evade it so their free movement will be skirmish.  I’m thinking a cost of 2 points, possibly 3.

While we are on the subject Blue Moon 15/18mm have released a lovely bag of Jingals and crews under the title of Chinese Wall Guns.

Monday, 7 August 2017

General Rose’s Gambit

It was fair to say that General Rose had been unlucky so far.  The troops called him the accursed Rose. That he was plucky no one doubted and so when it was decided that the Rani must be taught a lesson his eagerly offered services were swiftly accepted.

It was a daring plan; a strong force would bridge the river protecting the Rani’s capital Krishnapur and establish a bridgehead on the far side.  This would be re enforced and then the city subject to storm and sack.

There were problems, patrols had been unable to penetrate the strong screens of Mutineer cavalry and intelligence was contradictory.  No one was sure exactly where the Rani’s main forces were.  The danger was that Rose would be caught on the march and the pontoons and necessary boats destroyed or immobilised through loss of draft animals.

Clearly what was required was a strong cavalry force to prevent the column being surprised.  With adequate warning, the firepower of the column’s guns and new rifles would see off any assault.

To help things along General Hope Grant would feint to the north dealing out retribution as he went.  Thus, causing uncertainty among the foe and perhaps making them divide their forces.  

If General Grant met with over strong opposition he was to withdraw.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Reader, I succumbed

I mentioned in a previous Nap’ Rampant post that what I needed to do was to buy some French infantry, but what I wanted to do was to buy some British light dragoons and Vistula lancers.

Of course, I bought the cavalry. AB figures pricey but lovely and they come in the right amounts for this sort of game.  I ordered more French from Xan too.

Progress continues with the British nearly done.  Should you want to know if Old Glory and Campaign Group Miniatures 15mm go well together, they do indeed.  OG on the left below.

A start has been made on the French with a Baden unit completed.

Further poking around the bits box has produced a unit of Walloon Guards and one of Spanish light infantry.

I think that will do it for this project.  Famous last words of course.